Chris is a prolific author of legal articles and papers, which appear in various legal journals. Together with Michael Salter, his regular writing partner, Chris previously wrote a weekly column in the Legal Lessons section of the UK medical weekly Pulse Magazine. Subsequently he has  been appointed to the panel of expert authors of the New Law Journal and is commissioned to produce at least six articles for them per year.

In addition on 25 June 2009 Chris had an article published in the Journal of Information and Communications Technology entitled I CAN See You: Harassment and Stalking on the Internet a 12,000 examination of the law relating to cyber-stalking, and which forms the basis of his current research interest, together with Michael Salter and in conjunction with NSS, the Network for Surviving Stalking. 

Writing Commissions

I am available to be commissioned to provide or co-author papers in my fields of expertise, either singly or with the assistance of Michael Salter, my writing partner. In addition I am willing to prepare copy for magazines, newsletters and other publications or internal documents.

Please send me an email to make a proposal or to enquire as to turnaround times and fees.


Recent journal articles include:

• “A fine balance”, New Law Journal 7 January 2011 Vol 161 No. 7447 p11

Risky Business New Law journal 1477 29 October 2010

Keeping Schtum New Law Journal Vol. 160, No. 7436 p. 1363 8 October 2010

Birmingham CC: Testing the Water New Law Journal 11 June 2010 vol 160 p821

Joe vs The Volcano New Law Journal 30 April 2010 vol 160 No. 7415 p601

Stressed Out New Law Journal 26 March 2010 vol 160 p446

Unreasonable Conduct New Law Journal 12 February 2010 Vol 160 No 7404 p198

A Matter of Intent? New Law Journal 13 November 2009 vol 159 No 7393

Justice Denied? New Law Journal 3 July 2009 Vol 159 No 7376 p943

Overstepping the Mark New Law Journal 3 April 2009 Vol 159, No 7363 p.491

     Employment Tribunals must not stray into imposing their own view when considering the fairness of a dismissal 

Benefit Matters New Law Journal 6 February 2009 p.178

     How relevant are benefits payments to employment tribunal cases? 

Stressed Out  New Law Journal 28 November 2008 Vol 158 No 7347 p.1664

    stress in the workplace is a fertile source of litigation 

Centrum's Impact New Law Journal 24 October 2008 Vol 158 No 7342 p.1474

    Does Centrum mark the end of discriminatory advertising? 

An Unfair Advantage? New Law Journal 23 May 2008 Vol 158 No 7322 pages 723-724

• Compensation awarded under the PfHA 1997  New Law Journal 9th May 2008 Vol 158, No. 7320 pages 652-653

• A Sting in the Tail - problems left by insolvent employers  New Law Journal 29 February 2008, Vol.158, No.7310, p.320

• Which Route To Use?  Solicitors Journal 23 November 2007 Vol 151 No 44

• Faking It - Beware False Documentation New Law Journal 19 October 2007 Vol.157 no.7293 p.1445

• Finders Keepers Solicitors Journal 3 August 2007 vol.157, no.7280 p.960

• Harassment by Third Parties   New Law Journal 6 July 2007 vol.157, no.7280 p.960

    whether an employer can be held liable for harassment caused to their employees by third parties

• Cutting Through The Smoke e Solicitors Journal 8 June 2007

    consideration of the effects and other possible consequences of the Health Act 2006 

• Stubbing Out  Solicitors Journal 4 May 2007

    a review of existing causes of action available to prevent smoking 

• Choose your Court  Solicitors Journal vol. 150 no.47 1588

    practical guidance on the most suitable forum in discrimination claims.